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About Us

About the Village

The small village of Faith Mission Home is situated in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains just outside Shenandoah National Park. Approximately one hundred seventy people call it home. Fifty-five of these folks are our students. Our village consists of housing for staff and students, a school, church house, farm, truck patch, bakery, a park, several woodshops, a mechanic garage, and a guest house. Our volunteer staff come from conservative Anabaptist churches throughout North America and serve for a minimum of one year. Many serve for two years or more. We run our mission out of a desire to serve the Lord Jesus.

beautiful scenery at Faith Mission Home
great friends at Faith Mission Home

Mission Statement

  • To teach the student that God loves all people, cares for him, and wants to help him do what is right and shun what is wrong.
  • To provide an environment in which the student feels loved, secure, accepted, and appreciated.
  • To develop positive character traits of truthfulness, dependability, and responsibility.
  • To help the student develop to the best of his or her potential, making him feel needed, productive, and successful within the scope of his abilities.
  • To train the student in the exercise of proper conduct and in the development of communication skills.

History of FMH

Faith Mission Home was established in 1965. Sanford Yoder, passionate about sharing the love of Jesus with others, discovered a beautiful, stone building on the side of the mountain. Built by the Episcopalian church and once used as a mission preventorium for sick mountain children, it now sat vacant and unused. Through a series of God-orchestrated events, the Beachy Amish church purchased the building and property to be used as a training facility  for people with intellectual disabilities. Since its inception, nearly 1,500 volunteers have served at Faith Mission Home, living out Sanford Yoder’s dream for the past 57 years