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The special needs journey can be lonely.

As a parent, nights are often sleepless. Well-meaning tips and advice can be painful to take from others who have never walked your journey. Caring for a person with intellectual disabilities wears on your emotions, some days making it impossible to reach around to other loved ones in your life.

How Faith Mission Home Could Fit into Your Story

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Will Your Child Thrive at Faith Mission Home?

  • Mental disability ranging from mild to profound

  • Ambulatory

  • Nonviolent
  • Free from emotional and psychological disorders

  • Teachable (younger is better)

  • Active family support

Reach out to FMH

Deciding to enroll your child in our program can feel weighty. We understand that the decision won’t happen overnight. Talk to supportive family members or safe mentors about the idea. In the meantime, call us at 434.985.2294 for more information.