Broadening Worlds
Through Education

Everyone deserves a chance at learning.

The goal of our educational program is to broaden every student’s world by encouraging them to develop their skills to their greatest potential. Our educational program consists of seven main objectives.


We meet each child where they are in the academic world. Some practice reading and writing. Others learn through flashcard drills or hand-over-hand tracing.

Residents at Faith Mission Home


We encourage students to interact with others in a polite and respectful manner. On our  campus, there are many opportunities for healthy interaction with others.

playing Games


Daily exercise is scheduled for every student throughout the day. If needed, teachers incorporate hand-eye coordination exercises and basic motor skills activities into the student’s schedule as well.

Coordination Game


Singing, praying, and Bible stories are an integral part of each day. Staff share God’s love through daily devotions, a weekly chapel service, and intentional care and kindness around the clock.


We all feel more confident and excited about life when we practice routine physical self–care. Simple self-care goals like brushing teeth or combing hair are taught and practiced on a regular basis.

Brushing teeth at Faith Mission Home


Every student has the privilege of helping with small tasks around campus. Whether it’s done with hand-over-hand assistance or independently, a sense of fulfillment and belonging grows in each student’s heart.

setting the table at Faith Mission Home

Crafts & Arts

A highlight for many in the program is the opportunity to participate in craft projects. From simple to complex, there’s a spot for everyone. Hand-eye coordination is practiced while fun and connection with others happen.

stringing beads
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