A Place
to Grow

Our Cottage Program

We laugh, we cry, we hug, we tell stories. We explore, we learn, we imagine, we grow. Our three boys’ cottages and three girls’ cottages provide a rich family experience for each student. With caring houseparents and a loving staff member at each cottage, our students flourish. Peek inside and you might find us enjoying a meal, singing, or linking puzzle pieces.

The Classrooms

The two classrooms in our cottage program allow our students to maintain their reading and writing skills. Not only are academics taught and reviewed; the hours in the classroom are a fun part of the day where hobbies come alive, and vocational skills are practiced. 

What we learn...

The Farm

Nestled on the hillside above our park, the farm provides a delightful opportunity for our cottage students to interact with animals or dig in the dirt. From finding eggs to scooping feed for a favorite cow, life on the farm is upbeat and entertaining.

What we raise...

The Cottages

Taking walks, practicing life skills, interacting with animals, creating beauty out of wood–activities like these help our students embrace the world around them from a safe environment. The cottage program is an excellent opportunity for people with developmental disabilities who thrive on learning new skills in a group setting.

Activities We Enjoy...

The Park

Our private park provides a safe, relaxing setting to exercise athletic abilities and grow friendships. Evenings might find us roasting hotdogs at the fire ring or taking a walk along the babbling creek. Whether it’s cheering on a ball game, sailing a disc, or taking a swing ride–the park is a place where we love to be any chance we can get.

What We Love at the Park...